Saudi National Day

An important date in the Saudi calendar, in which we celebrate the anniversary of the establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Sports day

This is a big occasion for all TLC pupils, teachers and staff during which the entire school compete in various races and athletic events. 


Every year, each class prepares a play or musical concert. The school recognises the importance of enhancing the creative abilities of pupils in every way possible. 

International day

The school annually celebrates International Day. Pupils are given the opportunity to learn about other cultures and reflect on their own. This event also emphasizes the importance of respecting everyone coming from different cultures. 

Book fair

Every year students look forward to visiting our three day book fair event. It is a day for the school to promote books and book reading habits.   

Field trips

Pupils get to experience different field trips that combine both fun and educational elements.  Learning through play is an important element of our teaching.